With 25 years of industry experience, CFI Chemical Co. has expertise in the technology necessary for disinfection, cleaning & oxidation chemistry and general water treatment. At the core of our product line are our engineered, build to suit, systems for application of, but not limited to, chlorine dioxide, pH balance chlorination, peracetic acid, bromination, and hydrogen peroxide. As a manufacturer of the highest quality chemical injection and control equipment, our focus is development, consultation and local support to incorporate proper use and implementation of these chemistries. We specialize in Proper Application, Equipment Design, Data Logging, Dosing Controls, Plant Services and Regulatory Compliance as well as Materials of Compatibility and overall System Chemistries.

Initial use of chlorine dioxide, chlorine, bromine, PAA and any cleaning, oxidation, ion chemistry and water treatment techniques requires a degree of technical, regulatory and scientific support along with continued routine service of the treatment program to ensure a successful, safe and documented result. As experts in these fields, not to exclude remediation and advanced oxidation, CFI Chemical Co. meets those needs and is committed to providing system assurance with our expert site services to support the end user with equipment and chemistries.

In addition to our core chlorine dioxide product line, CFI Chemical Co. understands that one treatment approach is not always the solution for every application. Often various and/or combined approaches are called for with each water treatment or cleaning & sanitation application. With this understanding, CFI offers our unbiased consultative and analytical services to make certain proper treatment assessment and recommendations are made for your needs. CFI proudly manufactures a series of build to suit chemical feed configurations, instrumentation & controls and offers competitive supply of the required chemistries to carry out the concluded treatment approach.

Please contact us so an engineer can visit you at your site and explore the best solutions for your needs. Please note site surveys are required and products are not available online.

Phone: 916.616.8820 • Email: support@cficheminc.com

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